DIBARA (Data Integrity Billing Accuracy Revenue Assurance)

Wireless Management Services

DIBARA understands the invaluable power of communications to all organizations. Unfortunately managing the plethora of communications options is not only daunting, it is overbearing.

DIBARA’s Wireless Management product follows one simple premise: DIBARA aggregates all pertinent wireless customer and billing data from all vendors and data sources and presents summarizations via the DIBARA platform in simple formats such that executives and data consumers can make informed business decisions. Further, DIBARA will make recommendations gleaned from analysis of the data to increase economic efficiencies, economies of scale, volumes, practicality, and cost savings.

DIBARA helps its clients eliminate excessive monthly charges and overages. DIBARA will summarize the usage data in easy to understand and flexible reports.

Telephony Management

DIBARA knows that mobile telecommunications are frequently the most complex aspects in the telecommunications morass; however, DIBARA realizes that all other telephony services can present just as many pitfalls. Therefore, DIBARA offers telephony management for landline (POTS), data, broadband, internet (dedicated, dial, wireless, et cetera) Central Office (CO) management, switch management, facsimile, satellite, and all other access devices.

As with DIBARA’s wireless management product, DIBARA has the goal of creating easy to understand and flexible reports that summarize the data that is required for effective management of these additional and necessary services.

Metered Management

DIBARA is most certainly telephony-centric, but its service neutral rating engine is not. DIBARA’s platform and specialized industry staff focus solely on all other metered event mediation, provisioning, rating, billing, Electronic Billing Presentation and Payment (EBP&P), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

DIBARA can accommodate any metered event: Call Detail Records (CDRs), Utility Detail Records (UDRs), Satellite Detail Records (SDRs), or as DIBARA views it: Metered Detail Records or (MDRs or XDRs).

Call Center Platform

DIBARA’s proprietary CRM platform is utilized by the call centers of various telecommunications network carriers worldwide. The flexibility of the DIBARA platform allows for certain modules to be integrated quickly and effectively with client’s current infrastructure so that personnel can respond correctly and efficiently with customers.

From accepting customer calls to email response and remediation, DIBARA’s platform is built for ease of use and efficiency of execution.

For more information, please contact info@DIBARA.com.


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For more information, please email us at info@DIBARA.com