DIBARA (Data Integrity Billing Accuracy Revenue Assurance)

A USA based international cell phone Rental Company that seamlessly delivers US based corporations and their travelers with short term wireless products and services, i.e. voice and data, or Communicability© via DIBARAMOBILE’s convergence of the Four (4) “Cs” of business communication:

  • Coverage
  • Convenience
  • Cost savings
  • Customer service

DIBARAMOBILE is a US based company delivering short term international cell phone rentals to USA based international business travelers. The DIBARA network platform delivers all the necessary functionality for these networks to operate their systems from telephone switch, call data record rating, to final invoice.


The lackluster GSM networks in the US continue to fail in providing decent coverage for corporation’s US domestic and international users, and consequently the international coverage and cost structure available through the USA based GSM networks also fail to meet the requirements of the US based international traveler. Additionally, over 70,000,000 cell phone users in the USA do not even use GSM equipment or service, leaving those users without option when traveling internationally. The culmination of these mitigating factors is the foundation for DIBARA’s creation and subsequent launch of DIBARAMOBILE.

Another issue exacerbating an already incomplete mobile solution in the US is the fact that renting a phone means getting a new number that no one knows.


DIBARA understands the power of being in touch, especially when furthest away, which is the premise for creating its proprietary OneWorld-OneNumber©. With the OneWorld-OneNumber©, DIBARA clients can reap the financial benefits of low cost communications with a local phone in any one of the 170 countries in which DIBARA offers service, while still receiving all of their calls from their local phone numbers. This functionality allows for customers, clients, loved ones, and anyone else that needs to stay in touch while on the road without having to distribute an international phone number.

OneWorld-OneNumber© is the POWER of SMART COMMUNICATIONS.

DM serves as a conduit for businesses (and their travelers) to have a convenient, cost effective, coverage rich and customer service friendly experience when renting a cellular phone when overseas. The basis for provisioning at DIBARAMOBILE is Communicability: the convergence of Coverage, Cost Savings, Convenience and Customer Service.

For more information, please contact info@DIBARA.com.


Feel free to contact us via phone or email to get more information on the services offered by the company.

For more information, please email us at info@DIBARA.com