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Digital Signage Summary

The Digital Signage market is segmented disparately into companies that provide different services, all of which, when combined correctly, create a workable digital signage system. In collaboration with its preferred vendors, DIBARA combines all elements of the creation, delivery, and implementation of a full Digital Signage Suite.

Hardware: Hardware manufacturers develop the hardware or actual screen displays that comprise the signs; some manufacturers also package backend hardware, e.g. the servers used to mediate the output.

Software: Software providers develop the programs that execute the content or “narrowcasts” displayed on the digital signs. The software also dictates what content is delivered to each particular piece of hardware. Some software providers recommend running their software on servers that they provide as well.

Content: Content is the intellectual property displayed on the screens: advertising, news, stock tickers, movies, etc. The content is developed and produced separately from the software; the software simply “narrowcasts” the content to the screens. Some content providers only develop the content but do not produce it – they will use a production company.

Implementation: Integration is the key component to a successful deployment of a digital signage platform. The physical implementation of these screens, their software and the deployment of the content to the system is one of the most important steps in creating a digital signage system. Further, there are many “minor” items to consider in a digital signage system. For example, the brackets that hold the large screens must be sufficient to hold thousands of pounds per square inch. There are multiple providers that create the brackets for the large screens. Further, internet connectivity (and concomitant intranet delivery system) must be thoroughly routed, tested and prepared for redundancy.

Project Management: Maintaining a disciplined, well managed project lifecycle is perhaps the most daunting as well as crucial dependency of any large scale implementation. A project of this magnitude with multiple disparate vendors, technology, hardware, software, and interfaces requires laser-focus and extensive experience in all aspects of managing and creating interoperable information technology solutions suites. DIBARA Executive Implementation Teams are comprised of senior managers from all disciplines relating to the project.

There are a plethora of companies in each market segment mentioned above that provide each of these services, particularly in the software product line. There are very few single source providers in this marketplace making a structured, phased implementation the most important focus of any digital signage project; one expert implementation team must project manage the entire project lifecycle.

DIBARA will manage the project, i.e. vendors, technology, timelines, and serve as liaison between (and among) the providers and the purchaser

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For more information, please email us at info@DIBARA.com