DIBARA (Data Integrity Billing Accuracy Revenue Assurance)

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) allow for corporate customers to increase their identity and market presence through a packaged, branded, and content driven mobile offering. DIBARA enables corporate customers to reap the enormous cost savings of network direct pricing while offering their employees, vendors, clients, and other users a branded mobile phone that allows for greater control over inventory, usage, billing, budget, and payment.

  • Billing review and bill audit: Verification and Validation
  • Plan Allocation: Users on the appropriate plans for their usage profile
  • Online multi-modal aggregated data warehouse: Wireless, wireline, and data invoices housed on one platform, with single user, group, division, and other usage views: from user to entire population
  • Spend Notifications: Users alerted to appropriate spend limits if and when appropriate
  • Cost Center and Budget Allocation: Ability to allocate usage and other costs based on internal accounting controls
  • Flash Notifications: User Group Alerts or Content pushed to the entire user group or any fraction of the group

Through the power and flexibility of its proprietary platform and network-direct relationships, DIBARA empowers its MVNO customers to create, manage and offer their own branded mobile products and services to their employees, customers, and vendors. DIBARA’s MVNO offering is custom developed for each and every offering; MVNO customers can manage as much or as little of the operational program as desired, and DIBARA provides the platform and wholesale network relationships.

DIBARA’s MVNO customers will create the additional revenue stream they desire, and DIBARA’s proprietary platform offers myriad advantages for managing customers, data, reporting, cost efficiencies, charge-backs to client accounts, and revenue management. Every aspect of the service delivery process, from switch management to provisioning to rating to invoicing and reconciliation, falls under the operational umbrella of DIBARA’s mediation, provisioning, rating, billing, Electronic Billing Presentation and Payment (EBP&P), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

As with DIBARA’s wireless management product, DIBARA has the goal of creating easy to understand and flexible reports that summarize the data that is required for effective management of these additional and necessary services.

DIBARA’s MVNO model allows its customers to realize revenue by focusing on their core business, and DIBARA will handle all of the mobile operations.

DIBARA’s internally developed and proprietary billing and customer care platform is the backbone for corporate customer’s MVNO offerings. DIBARA performs due diligence to determine the following:

  • Analysis of current usage and other spending patterns
  • Plan Allocation: Users on the appropriate plans for their usage profile
  • Establish New Pricing Plans: Develop usage metrics per client requirements, develop spend metrics per accounting requirements or develop reporting metrics per management requirements.
  • Rollout Schedule for new service and devices
  • Port Migrate existing wireless service to the new branded service (users can keep their current mobile numbers)

[DIBARA – the only MVNO that provides savings without sacrificing communication and cutting edge technology]

For more information, please contact info@DIBARA.com.


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For more information, please email us at info@DIBARA.com